Resthub: Spring + Backbone

Resthub: Spring + Backbone

Resthub: Spring + Backbone

RESThub is a stack based on Spring and Backbone.js designed to build HTML5 applications easily and efficiently. It provides tooling, libraries and documentation in order to build modular web applications with client side state, stateless server and REST webservices or Websocket communication between both.


Statefull is not natural, RESThub was built with HTML5 in mind and is strongly related to REST stateless principles maximizing scalability & testability. State is managed client side with HTML5 capabilities.


Designed to allow progressive complexity. Bootstrap is made easy without introducing limitation to underlying frameworks. Not a "blogging framework", designed for real life, efficiency and productivity.

Standards based

RESThub is pragmatically built uppon strong approved or de facto standards on both server side and client side. You do not have to learn a new framework, you already know it. It is just easier.

Start in seconds

~ $ mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=org.resthub:

# choose the right archetype
# choose 2.2.0 version
# answer a few questions

~ $ cd /new/project

~/new/project $ mvn jetty:run

# Done ! See http://localhost:8080